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Namecheap cheap reliable email service, Professional Business Email

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Webmaster before all the time is to use the free mailbox, recently began to contact the charged version, here would like to recommend namecheap E-mail business to everyone, do not worry about the price, I think at least the vast majority of people are acceptable! The webmaster uses the minimum purchase, $8.91 for the first year and $11.88 for subsequent renewals.

First, you have your own domain name, whether in Namecheap or in other businesses, as long as you have the ability to add parsing.

Next, we choose the set meal:


Starter: One mailbox, 5 gigabytes of mailbox space, 2 gigabytes of file storage

Pro: 3 mailboxes, 30G mailbox space, 15G file storage space

Ultimate: five mailboxes, 75GB mailbox space, 30GB file storage space


Choose package, then pay, wait for the official to open to you, generally need about 12 hours!

After opening, you can log in namecheap:


Click “Manage” to enter,

Go to “Catch-all Mailbox” to create your Mailbox and set the Mailbox size and so on.

Remember, you have to parse the domain name,

See the prompt information, go to your domain name background to add MX and other records, and so effective;


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