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Bandwagonhost VPS 2021 latest 10Gbps US CN2 GIA/Japan Softbank cloud server plan finishing

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Bandwagonhost, a merchant from the United States, made product adjustments in January 2021, and removed the DC9 CN2 GIA series of Los Angeles cloud server products. The existing DC9 CN2 GIA series of cloud servers that are already in use can be used and renewed normally ! That is to say, the 1Gbps bandwidth port CN2 GIA cloud server product that has been out of stock for a long time in 2020 was officially announced in January 2021 that it will no longer be restocked for sale! So if you need to move the bricklayer CN2 GIA cloud server, currently only the DC6 CN2 GIA-E solution is left!

Speaking of the masonry DC6 CN2 GIA-E series of cloud server products, it is worth mentioning that it is currently the most high-end mainland direct cloud server business of masonry. You can choose the Los Angeles CN2 GIA or Tokyo Softbank line to place an order. The bandwidth is 2.5Gbps. -10Gbps port, CPU load and computing power are higher than other masonry products, and this series of products support switching to all existing masonry machine rooms, of course, Japan’s Tokyo Softbank line and Los Angeles CN2 GIA line can also be switched freely.

The following are all the packages of the DC6 CN2 GIA-E series cloud server of the masonry. If you need it, you can pay attention. It is currently the only product that sells 10Gbps large bandwidth US CN2 GIA and Japan Softbank line cloud servers. How about the line conditions? You can use the IP speed test first before choosing.

  • US CN2 GIA test IP:
  • Japan’s SoftBank test IP:
  • BWH3HYATVBJW (Preferential intensity 6.58%)
2 1GB 20GB RAID10 2.5Gbps 1000GB $49.99/3 mo $169.99/year ORDER
3 2GB 40GB RAID10 2.5Gbps 2000GB $89.99/3 mo $299.99/year ORDER
4 4GB 80GB RAID10 2.5Gbps 3000GB $56.99/mo $549.99/year ORDER
6 8GB 160GB RAID10 5Gbps 5000GB $86.99/mo $879.99/year ORDER
8 16GB 320GB RAID10 5Gbps 8000GB $159.99/mo $1599.99/year ORDER
10 32GB 640GB RAID10 10Gbps 10000GB $289.99/mo $2759.99/year ORDER
12 64GB 1280GB RAID10 10Gbps 12000GB $549.99/mo $5399.99/year ORDER



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Article:《Bandwagonhost VPS 2021 latest 10Gbps US CN2 GIA/Japan Softbank cloud server plan finishing》