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cloudcone U.S. VPS 2021 New Year Promotion_Annual payment of $14/monthly payment of $2

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cloudcone recently pushed the first wave of promotional activities in 2021 through emails, focusing on the annual and monthly payment cycle of the Los Angeles multacom computer room VPS cloud server product, which is characterized by 1Gbps large bandwidth, BGP line access, including China optimized lines, and even some District go CN2 GIA! Support Alipay and PayPal recharge, and provide support for refund to account balance within 7 days! Although cloudcone was founded in 2017 for only three years, it is currently a business that occupies a certain position in the cheap vps industry! Because cloudcone is a cheap vps product, the server performance and bandwidth quality are relatively not perfect, so it is not suitable for demanding services.

Cloudcone’s first wave of promotional activities in 2021 are as follows. There are annual and monthly options. Both are KVM virtualization technology architecture. The main processor is Intel Xeon Silver 421. The default is 1Gbps bandwidth. Snapshot is provided for free (one-click snapshot) Backup), suitable for site building purposes.

  • Computer room test IP:, http://la.lg.cloudc.one/1000MB.test

1. Cloudcone 2021 first wave of annual payment cycle special package

port/Bandwidth PRICE ORDER
1 512M 10G 1Gbps/3TB $14.00/year
1 1G 20G 1Gbps/5TB $17.50/year ORDER
2 2G 30G 1Gbps/5TB $29.55/year ORDER
3 4G 60G 1Gbps/8TB $63.75/year ORDER
5 8G 120G 1Gbps/8TB $124.55/year ORDER
8 12G 200G 1Gbps/10TB $189.90/year ORDER


2. Cloudcone 2021 first wave of monthly payment cycle special packages

port/Bandwidth PRICE ORDER
1 768M 15G 1Gbps/3TB $1.99/mo
2 1.5G 25G 1Gbps/4TB $2.89/mo ORDER
2 2.5G 45G 1Gbps/5TB $4.99/mo ORDER
3 4.5G 80G 1Gbps/8TB $8.99/mo ORDER
6 8G 160G 1Gbps/8TB $17.49/mo ORDER
10 16G 240G 1Gbps/10TB $28.50/mo ORDER

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