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Digital-VM adds Japan and Singapore dedicated server _10Gbps unlimited traffic

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digital-vm is a foreign server leasing business from Romania. It is mainly engaged in VPS leasing business. You can choose computer rooms from Japan, Singapore, Los Angeles, the United Kingdom, Spain, the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, etc. It is a company based in Europe and Asia Pacific. The main business! The feature of digital-vm is that there are 10Gbps bandwidth unlimited traffic vps to choose from, which can meet low-cost large bandwidth and large traffic demand related services! Support methods such as PayPal and Alipay!

In 2021, digital-vm added independent server services in Japan and Singapore. The default bandwidth is 1Gbps. You can choose 2Gbps or 10Gbps bandwidth. A single IP server can be configured with 13 IPs. The default traffic is 10TB per month, and you can choose 100TB/month. You can apply for unlimited monthly traffic by submitting a work order, and the price starts at $80/month! Those with independent server requirements in the Asia-Pacific region can pay attention to digital-vm!


1. Digital-VM dedicated server for Japan and Singapore

Digital-vm currently has a new independent server leasing business, with Japanese servers and Singapore two Asia-Pacific data centers to choose from. The default is 1 IP, 1Gbps bandwidth 10T monthly traffic, bandwidth, monthly traffic, and IP can be freely configured! The default flow rate is 100TB per month. If you don’t have enough, you can send a ticket to request purchase!

CPU core RAM SSD Bandwidth/traffic IPv4 Price (month) link
E3-1230+ 4core8threads,3.2GHz 16G 240G 1Gbps/10TB 1 $80 link
E-2276G 6core12threads,3.8GHz 32G 480G 1Gbps/10TB 1 $110 link
2*Silver 4210 20core40threads,2.2GHz 64G 2*960G 1Gbps/10TB 1 $250 link


2, Digital-VM 10G bandwidth unlimited traffic VPS server

In addition to the addition of standalone servers, Digital-VM’s VPS server product that is getting more attention is the 10Gbps unlimited monthly traffic solution. This series not only has enough bandwidth, sufficient traffic, but also has 100%CPU power allocated! All are KVM architecture, and there are rooms in Japan, Singapore, Los Angeles, the United Kingdom, Spain, Netherlands, Norway and Denmark to choose from. For Japan, an additional +4 USD/month and Singapore +3 USD /yue are required on the basis of the prices marked below. Default monthly flow is 20TB, you can submit the work order to continue to get the flow!

Dedicated CPU RAM SSD
Bandwidth/traffic/IP Price
2核 1GB 20G 10Gbps/unlimited/1个 $9/mo $92/年 link
4核 2G 30G 10Gbps/unlimited/1个 $19/mo $194/年 link
6核 4G 50G 10Gbps/unlimited/3个 $34/mo $347/年 link
8核 8G 80G 10Gbps/unlimited/5个 $54/mo $551/年 link


3. Digital-vm 1Gbps bandwidth VPS server

The cheapest vps solution for digital-vm is as follows. The default is 1Gbps bandwidth port allocation. Like 10Gbps bandwidth VPS, there are 8 computer rooms to choose from! The price is relatively cheaper, but it limits the monthly data usage!

Bandwidth/traffic/IP Price link
1核 512MB 30G 1Gbps/5TB/1个 $ 4/mo $41/年 link
1核 1G 60G 1Gbps/5TB/1个 $ 9/mo $92/年 link
2核 1.5G 100G 1Gbps/10TB/2个 $ 19/mo $194/年 link
2核 2G 150G 1Gbps/10TB/3个 $ 29/mo $296/年 link

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