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Raksmart San Jose ddos vps monthly payment starting from $10_10G DDOS/G port sharing unlimited data

The main business of raksmart, you may know more about their independent server products, because the raksmart independent server is the most cost-effective merchant among the current server products, and it is a merchant with a combination of bandwidth quality, service quality and price! At present, you can pay attention to the latest raksmart independent server promotion in 2021. There are multiple data centers in Los Angeles, San Jose, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, etc. to choose from! The server products cover unlimited monthly traffic, 1Gbps bandwidth exclusive, 10Gbps large bandwidth, station group, high defense, mainland optimized line, boutique network line, international BGP line, GPU server and many other types to choose from!

The focus here is the raksmart vps product. Recently, raksmart has newly launched San Jose high-defense vps, 1Gbps bandwidth sharing, 100M peak unlimited traffic, single IP provides 10G free defense, divided into two types of Windows and Linux systems, starting from $10.66 per month! It is suitable for website construction and North American Asia Pacific business, and can meet certain defense needs. For detailed configuration introduction, please see the introduction below.


After reaching raksmart, you can select the Chinese page as shown below, and then select the public cloud!

The raksmart San Jose high defense vps package is introduced as follows. In addition, raksmart also has Hong Kong VPS, Japanese VPS, Los Angeles VPS, San Jose CN2 VPS and other products to choose from.


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Article:《Raksmart San Jose ddos vps monthly payment starting from $10_10G DDOS/G port sharing unlimited data》