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Hosteons 2021 latest discount code compilation (hosteons US vps server program summary)

本文于 2021-01-24 10:46 更新,The content of this article is time-sensitive. If it is invalid, please search for the name of the relevant business in the blog site to view the latest promotions of this business!!

How about hosteons? Hosteons is a Singaporean merchant founded in 2018. It is mainly engaged in US vps server products. It features 100G free defense. There are 1Gbps large bandwidth vps and 100M bandwidth unlimited monthly traffic vps servers to choose from, including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas , Jacksonville, New York and other data centers can now be a business that can meet business in Asia Pacific and North America! Hosteons discount codes, hosteons discounts and promotional discount codes in 2021 have been adjusted, and currently hosteons vps business can enjoy the following discounts:

  • Free DirectAdmin control panel authorization discount code: DA (AMD Ryzen VPS full range, KVM SSD VPS product 1.5G memory or more, OpenVZ SSD product 2G memory or more)
  • Free one-time replacement of IP promo code: FREEIPCHANGE (full VPS products can be used for the annual payment period or more, of which the 256M memory package is only available for mainland users)
  • 10% off the whole site for lifetime coupon code: RECURR10 (KVM SSD VPS and OpenVZ SSD 1G memory or above plan)
  • Annual payment discount: This discount is the default. All products will automatically enjoy a 25% discount if the annual payment cycle is selected. The annual payment only costs 9 months. Because this discount does not require the use of coupon codes, all can be used in addition to other coupon codes above. !
  • Free Blest panel authorization: hosteons products can be used in the entire field, including VPS, virtual hosting, independent servers, etc. After placing an order, submit a work order and ask the customer to obtain it.
  • Free Windows 2019 system: All packages that support the annual payment cycle of the Windows system can apply for the customer service to activate the Windows 2019 system. Just submit a work order.

The above are the latest promotions and coupon codes released by hosteons in 2021! Whether it can be used or not is subject to the announcement by hosteons. Hosteons will make a final explanation. Host Jiujiu is just sorting out hosteons’ current promotions.

一、hostEONS AMD Ryzen VPS

Currently hostEONS’s highest performance vps server product, AMD Ryzen+NVME! There are two data centers in Los Angeles and Dallas to choose from! Suitable for Asia-Pacific and North American website construction business. Provide up to 100Gbps DDoS defense for free by default!

  • Los Angeles Test IPv4:
  • Free DirectAdmin panel authorization discount code: DA
1 512MB 10GB
500G/500Mbps 1 Linux $24/year ORDER
1 1GB 15GB
1TB/1Gbps 1 Linux $4/mo ORDER
2 2GB 30GB
2TB/1Gbps 1 Linux/Windows $8/mo ORDER
2 3GB 50GB 3TB/1Gbps 1 Linux/Windows $12/mo ORDER
2 4GB 70GB
4TB/1Gbps 2 Linux/Windows $16/mo ORDER
4 5GB 90GB 5TB/1Gbps 2 Linux/Windows $20/mo ORDER
6 6GB 100GB
6TB/1Gbps 3 Linux/Windows $24/mo ORDER
6 7GB 120GB
7TB/1Gbps 4 Linux/Windows $28/mo ORDER
8 8GB 140GB
8TB/1Gbps 4 Linux/Windows $32/mo ORDER
8 9GB 150GB
9TB/1Gbps 4 Linux/Windows $36/mo ORDER
8 10GB 170GB
10TB/1Gbps 4 Linux/Windows $40/mo ORDER
10 11GB 180GB
11TB/1Gbps 4 Linux/Windows $44/mo ORDER
12 12GB 200GB
12TB/1Gbps 6 Linux/Windows $48/mo ORDER



KVM SSD VPS is a more affordable package for hostEONS than ADM VPS products. There are four data centers to choose from, among which Los Angeles and Las Vegas are more Asia-Pacific, and New York and Jacksonville can take care of Europe! Provide up to 100Gbps DDoS defense for free by default!

  • Test IPv4 Los Angeles:
  • Test IPv4 New York:
  • Test IPv4 Jacksonville:
  • Test IPv4 Las Vegas:
10GB RAID10 1TB/1Gbps 1个 Linux $21/ye ORDER
2CORES 1.5GB 20GB RAID10 2TB/1Gbps 1个 Linux $36/ye ORDER
2CORES 2GB 25GB RAID10 3TB/1Gbps 1个 Linux/Windows $45/ye ORDER
2CORES 2.5GB 30GB RAID10 4TB/1Gbps 1个 Linux/Windows $54/ye ORDER
3CORES 3GB 40GB RAID10 5TB/1Gbps 2个 Linux/Windows $63/ye ORDER
3CORES 5GB 50GB RAID10 8TB/1Gbps 2个 Linux/Windows $90/ye ORDER
6CORES 10GB 120GB RAID10 12TB/1Gbps 2个 Linux/Windows $180/ye ORDER
10CORES 12GB 150GB RAID10 15TB/1Gbps 4个 Linux/Windows $270/ye ORDER
14CORES 20GB 200GB RAID10 20TB/1Gbps 4个 Linux/Windows $450/ye ORDER
20CORES 30GB 300GB RAID10 30TB/1Gbps 6个 Linux/Windows $675/ye ORDER


三、OpenVZ SSD

OpenVZ SSD is the only 100Mbps bandwidth unlimited monthly data package reserved by hostEONS at present, and there are Los Angeles and New York data centers to choose from! Under normal circumstances, it is not recommended to choose OpenVZ architecture products. At present, there are very few OpenVZ architecture VPSs, because the independence of this architecture is poor after virtualization, and it is generally seriously oversold. If the performance and stability requirements are not high, you can try.

  • Test IPv4 Los Angeles:
  • Test IPv4 New York:
5GB RAID10 无限/100Mbps 1个 Linux $12/ye ORDER
1CORES 512MB 10GB RAID10 无限/100Mbps 1个 Linux $18/ye ORDER
1CORES 1GB 30GB RAID10 无限/100Mbps 1个 Linux $3/mo ORDER
2CORES 2GB 50GB RAID10 无限/100Mbps 1个 Linux $6/mo ORDER
2CORES 4GB 60GB RAID10 无限/100Mbps 1个 Linux $12/mo ORDER
2CORES 6GB 80GB RAID10 无限/100Mbps 1个 Linux $18/mo ORDER
2CORES 8GB 100GB RAID10 无限/100Mbps 1个 Linux $24/mo ORDER
2CORES 16GB 150GB RAID10 无限/100Mbps 1个 Linux $36/mo ORDER
4CORES 24GB 200GB RAID10 无限/100Mbps 1个 Linux $50/mo ORDER

The following is hosteons’ OpenVZ architecture resource pool cloud server, which can be allocated to multiple cloud servers as needed after purchase, and the hardware resources can be freely configured. In the following scheme, how many IPs can be allocated to several cloud servers.

2CORES 4GB 50GB RAID10 无限/100Mbps 2个 Linux $9.99/mo ORDER
3CORES 6GB 75GB RAID10 无限/100Mbps 3个 Linux $14.99/mo ORDER
5CORES 8GB 100GB RAID10 无限/100Mbps 5个 Linux $19.99/mo ORDER
10CORES 16GB 200GB RAID10 无限/100Mbps 10个 Linux $39.99/mo ORDER

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