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BandwagonHost $84/month Hong Kong 1Gbps CN2 VPS and $65/year Japan Softbank 1Gbps limited special VPS replenishment

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Merchant bricklayers from the United States today restocked the out-of-stock 1Gbps large bandwidth Hong Kong CN2 GIA VPS cheapest package and Tokyo Softbank’s limited special VPS package. Those who have low latency VPS server needs in the Asia-Pacific region can pay attention. The minimum configuration of the VPS server in Hong Kong for Bricklayers is 2 cores, 2G memory, 500G monthly traffic, USD 84 after monthly discount, and USD 840 after annual discount! Moving bricklayer Japan Tokyo Softbank VPS limited special offer package configuration is 1 core 0.5G memory 500G monthly traffic, after the annual discount is 65 US dollars! Currently, neither the Hong Kong VPS nor the Japan Softbank special offer programs support free switching of computer rooms.

The masonry VPS has always had a good reputation, the bandwidth line quality is good, the server stability is high, and the online rate is relatively good. It is a leader in the industry, but the masonry VPS server currently does not provide any DDoS defense, so there is no business. If you attack, it should be good to choose a bricklayer! Of course, there is no problem with building a website.

1. The cheapest Hong Kong/Japan VPS replenishment plan for bricklayers

  • The cheapest Japan Tokyo Softbank line special VPS program
  • CPU: 1 core (Intel Xeon)
  • Memory: 512MB
  • Hard Disk: 10GB SSD RAID10
  • Bandwidth: 1Gbps
  • Flow: 500G/mo
  • Line: Softbank Softbank
  • Coupon code: BWH3HYATVBJW
  • Price: $65.38/year (after discount)
  • Link: Click to go directly
  • The cheapest Hong Kong G port CN2 GIA VPS solution
  • CPU: 2 cores (Intel Xeon)
  • Memory: 2GB
  • Hard Disk: 40GB SSD RAID10
  • Bandwidth: 1Gbps
  • Flow: 500G/mo
  • Line: Hong Kong CN2 GIA
  • Coupon code: BWH3HYATVBJW
  • Price: $840/year $84/month (after discount)
  • Link: Click to go directly


2. 10Gbps bandwidth US CN2/Japan Softbank VPS

The following are US CN2 GIA and Japanese Softbank VPS with 2.5Gbps-10Gbps bandwidth ports. This solution supports free switching in all computer rooms (except Hong Kong), and unlimited times.

  • US CN2 GIA test IP:
  • Japan’s SoftBank test IP:
  • BWH3HYATVBJW (Preferential intensity 6.58%)
2 1GB 20GB RAID10 2.5Gbps 1000GB $49.99/3 mo $169.99/year ORDER
3 2GB 40GB RAID10 2.5Gbps 2000GB $89.99/3 mo $299.99/year ORDER
4 4GB 80GB RAID10 2.5Gbps 3000GB $56.99/mo $549.99/year ORDER
6 8GB 160GB RAID10 5Gbps 5000GB $86.99/mo $879.99/year ORDER
8 16GB 320GB RAID10 5Gbps 8000GB $159.99/mo $1599.99/year ORDER
10 32GB 640GB RAID10 10Gbps 10000GB $289.99/mo $2759.99/year ORDER
12 64GB 1280GB RAID10 10Gbps 12000GB $549.99/mo $5399.99/year ORDER


3. 1Gbps bandwidth Hong Kong CN2 GIA VPS

The current Hong Kong VPS plan is as follows. Due to the particularity of Hong Kong’s VPS price, the following plan is currently the only package for bricklayers that does not support computer room switching.

Hong Kong CN2 GIA cloud server test IP:

2CORES 2GB 40GB RAID10 1Gbps/500GB
$84/mo $840/year ORDER
4CORES 4GB 80GB RAID10 1Gbps/1000GB $146/mo $1460/year ORDER
6CORES 8GB 160GB RAID10 1Gbps/2000GB $280/mo $2800/year ORDER
8CORES 16GB 320GB RAID10 1Gbps/4000GB $552/mo $5520/year ORDER

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