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PacificRack Los Angeles QN computer room KVM SSD VPS new products starting from $0.8 per month (unlimited)

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PacificRack has launched a new KVM SSD VPS package for the QN computer room in Los Angeles. This new product uses a VPC network and provides free snapshot backups! The host uses four-generation E5 processor + DDR4 memory + SSD solid state drive + RAID10 array! Mainly small bandwidth within 100Mbps (20Mbps, 30Mbps, 50Mbps, 100Mbps optional), unlimited monthly traffic! At the same time, the new plan offers a one-time 50% discount and a lifetime cycle 20% discount, starting from a minimum annual payment of $10! Still focusing on low prices.

PacificRack is a controversial business. It needs to be cautious in choosing. It is not suitable for businesses that require high stability and good bandwidth quality. It is only suitable for low-cost learning and use. PacificRack belongs to the sub-brand of QuadraNet, the old American computer room. At present, it is relatively unlikely to run away in the ranks of low-priced American vps servers!

The following are all packages of PacificRack’s newly launched KVM SSD VPS series at the end of January 2021. If you choose monthly payment, it is recommended to use a lifetime 20% discount code to purchase, and you can consider choosing a one-time 50% discount code for annual payment cycles! You can buy it for up to three years at a time!

  • One-time 50% off coupon code: PR-M50OFF
  • 20% off lifetime renewal cycle coupon code: PR-M80OFF
  • Test IP:
CPU RAM SSD IPv4/port/Bandwidth price ORDER
1CORES 1G 20G 1个IP/20Mbps/unlimited $10/ye ORDER
2CORES 2G 30G 1个IP/30Mbps/unlimited $20/ye ORDER
4CORES 4G 60G 1个IP/50Mbps/unlimited $40/ye ORDER
8CORES 8G 120G 1个IP/100Mbps/unlimited $80/ye ORDER



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