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Hosteons Los Angeles 1Gbps KVM SSD VPS replenishment (from $18.9/year_100G DDoS_send DA authorization)

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Singaporean hosteons, established in 2018, released the latest news today. It has replenished Los Angeles computer room products for its relatively cheap G-port large bandwidth US KVM SSD VPS. If there is a recent demand for Los Angeles vps servers in the US, you can pay attention. Hosteons Los Angeles KVM SSD VPS focuses on optimizing bandwidth in Asia, and has good support for the Asia-Pacific region. It also has special optimization for mainland China. It is suitable for website construction in North America and the Asia-Pacific region. It also provides up to 100G DDoS defense for free! If paired with the latest promotions of hosteons 2021, the price/performance ratio is really good. Hosteons KVM SSD VPS currently has free DirectAdmin and Blest panel authorization, free Windows 2019 system activation, 10% off lifetime discount, free IP replacement and other activities, and some Activities can be superimposed! About hosteons 2021 latest discount code compilation and all vps server product host Jiujiu has a comprehensive compilation in this article: Hosteons 2021 latest discount code compilation (hosteons US vps server program summary)!

The following is a list of all hosteons KVM SSD VPS solutions. There are four computer rooms in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, and Jacksonville to choose from. Among them, Los Angeles and Las Vegas are computer rooms along the western coast of the United States, suitable for Asia-Pacific and North American business; while New York and Jacksonville are computer rooms along the eastern coast of the United States, which are more suitable for European and North American business! If a computer room is missing, it proves that the computer room is currently out of stock. At present, the 2G memory and above configuration of this series of hosteons products support Windows system, and the original activated Windows 2019 system will be sent to the annual payment cycle! Submit a work order to receive it!

The most cost-effective way to purchase is the annual payment cycle, because the annual payment can automatically get a 25% off lifetime renewal discount (no need to use a promo code, the annual payment only needs 9 months of the price), and you can also add a 10% discount or change it once for free Sexual IP or DirectAdmin panel authorization discount code. In addition, if you need Blest panel authorization, you only need to submit a work order to the customer service to receive it. The current hosteons discount codes are as follows:

  • Free DirectAdmin control panel authorization discount code: DA (AMD Ryzen VPS full range, KVM SSD VPS products 1.5G memory or more, OpenVZ SSD products 2G memory or more)
  • Free one-time replacement of IP promo code: FREEIPCHANGE (full VPS products can be used during the annual payment period or more, and the 256M memory package can only be used for mainland users)
  • 10% off the whole site for lifetime coupon code: RECURR10 (KVM SSD VPS and OpenVZ SSD 1G memory or above plan)
1 512MB 10GB
500G/500Mbps 1 Linux $24/year ORDER
1 1GB 15GB
1TB/1Gbps 1 Linux $4/mo ORDER
2 2GB 30GB
2TB/1Gbps 1 Linux/Windows $8/mo ORDER
2 3GB 50GB 3TB/1Gbps 1 Linux/Windows $12/mo ORDER
2 4GB 70GB
4TB/1Gbps 2 Linux/Windows $16/mo ORDER
4 5GB 90GB 5TB/1Gbps 2 Linux/Windows $20/mo ORDER
6 6GB 100GB
6TB/1Gbps 3 Linux/Windows $24/mo ORDER
6 7GB 120GB
7TB/1Gbps 4 Linux/Windows $28/mo ORDER
8 8GB 140GB
8TB/1Gbps 4 Linux/Windows $32/mo ORDER
8 9GB 150GB
9TB/1Gbps 4 Linux/Windows $36/mo ORDER
8 10GB 170GB
10TB/1Gbps 4 Linux/Windows $40/mo ORDER
10 11GB 180GB
11TB/1Gbps 4 Linux/Windows $44/mo ORDER
12 12GB 200GB
12TB/1Gbps 6 Linux/Windows $48/mo ORDER

Hosteons KVM SSD VPS computer room test IP is as follows, it is recommended to start with the speed test. At the same time, if you feel that the performance of hosteons KVM SSD VPS cannot meet your business needs, you can also consider starting with hosteons AMD Ryzen VPS. For details, please refer to: Hosteons US AMD Ryzen VPS free DirectAdmin authorization (from $24 per year)!

  • Test IPv4 Los Angeles:
  • Test IPv4 New York:
  • Test IPv4 Jacksonville:
  • Test IPv4 Las Vegas:

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