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Racknerd 2020 Black Friday special vps is still in stock (minimum annual payment $8.89/monthly average $0.74)

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Racknerd is a merchant from the United States, currently in the ranks of cheap vps and independent servers, it is a merchant with good stability and good reputation. Racknerd is characterized by large bandwidth, large traffic, high configuration, low price, good stability, and basically includes everything Advantages of cheap American vps. For foreign vps merchants, the biggest promotion throughout the year should be the annual Black Friday discount, so it is ideal to run into the merchant’s Black Friday promotion. As the 2020 Black Friday has expired, we can only look forward to the Black Friday event in 2021, but it will take a long time to wait. However, there are also some who miss the net, especially those who need cheap American vps servers. At present, racknerd’s Black Friday 2020 special vps servers are still in stock, and Linux and Windows solutions can still be ordered. The minimum configuration is 1 core 0.5G The annual memory payment is only $8.89, and the monthly average is only $0.74, which is about 5 yuan/month! And there are multiple data centers to choose from in Los Angeles, San Jose, Dallas, Atlanta, New York, and Amsterdam in Europe.

1. Racknerd 2020 Black Friday Special Linux VPS Solution

Compared to the Asian region, Los Angeles and San Jose are the preferred computer rooms, and the 0.5G memory solution of the Los Angeles data center is not stocked!

  • Los Angeles MC (DC-02) test IP:
  • San Jose test IP:
  • Atlanta test IP:
  • Dallas test IP:
  • New York test IP:
  • Amsterdam:
port/Bandwidth/IPv4 PRICE ORDER
1核 0.5G 15G 1Gbps/1000GB/1个 $8.89/ye
1核 1G 30G 1Gbps/3500GB/1个 $15.25/ye ORDER
2核 2G 45G 1Gbps/6000GB/1个 $22.79/ye ORDER
3核 2.5G 55G 1Gbps/7000GB/1个 $27.50/ye ORDER
3核 4.5G 83G 1Gbps/9500GB/1个 $46.89/ye ORDER


2. Racknerd 2020 Black Friday Special Windows VPS Solution

The Windows system itself consumes more resources and has higher requirements for configuration. Therefore, racknerd Windows VPS servers all use AMD Ryzen CPU + NVMe SSD hard disk + DDR4 memory. The performance is relatively guaranteed. It supports Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2016. Chinese and English system.

  • Los Angeles MC (DC-02) test IP:
port/Bandwidth/IPv4 PRICE ORDER
1核 21G 35G 1Gbps/2000GB/1个 $60/ye ORDER
2核 3.5G 60G 1Gbps/3500GB/1个 $99/ye ORDER
3核 8G 150G 1Gbps/10000GB/1个 $219/ye ORDER

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Article:《Racknerd 2020 Black Friday special vps is still in stock (minimum annual payment $8.89/monthly average $0.74)》