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HostUS US AMD Ryzen VPS special offer from $36/year (Los Angeles/Dallas)

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HostUS is an American business with a certain history. It was founded around 2012. It is mainly engaged in the vps server rental business. Its computer rooms cover many regions such as Asia-Pacific, North America and Europe. The key point here is the high-performance AMD Ryzen special VPS products launched by HostUS in Los Angeles and Dallas, USA! In June 2020, HostUS has launched 4 AMD Ryzen VPSs in Los Angeles and Dallas data centers, using AMD Ryzen 9 3900X processors with NVMe hard drives, featuring high computing and high reading and writing! At present, this batch of special offers has three configurations of 1 core 1G memory, 1 core 2G memory, and 2 core 3G memory. The minimum annual payment is $36. You can pay attention to it if you need it! Support Alipay and PayPal!

  • Los Angeles, USA:, https://la-lg.hostus.us/100MB.test
  • Dallas, USA:, http://dal-lg.hostus.us/100MB.test
1核 1G 25G 1T/月 $36/年 ORDER
1核 2G 40 2T/月 $60/年 ORDER
2核 3G 70 4T/月 $84/年 ORDER

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