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servaRICA Canada unlimited data large hard drive VPS special offer from $48/year (8T hard drive/XEN)

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servaRICA is a Canadian merchant founded in 2010. It is mainly engaged in the sales of virtual servers in Canadian data centers. The biggest feature of this merchant is that you can choose a large hard disk VPS server with unlimited monthly traffic. The XEN architecture cannot be oversold! And support PayPal, Alipay, Windows system is provided free of charge, 100Mbps bandwidth unlimited monthly traffic, suitable for backup, storage and other services! Recently servoRICA has launched several special-priced Canadian large hard disk VPS, with NVMe, SSD, HDD and other hard disks to choose from, the highest 8TB hard disk, the annual payment starts at 48 US dollars! If you need a large hard drive vps server in North America, you can consider choosing Sergarica.

ServaRICA large hard disk vps cost-effective is not high depending on the configuration! For all plans, you can choose 100M unlimited traffic, or you can choose 1Gbps large bandwidth to limit monthly traffic, and after high-speed traffic is used up, it is limited to the configuration of small bandwidth and unlimited traffic! All are XEN architecture, cannot be oversold, and hardware resources are relatively guaranteed.

  • Canadian test IP:, https://ping.servarica.com/100MB.test
CPU RAM hard disk port /Bandwidth/IPv4 促销价格 链接
4core 10G 150GB NVMe 100Mbps/unlimited/1个 $10/mo
4core 10G 750GB SSD 100Mbps/unlimited/1个 $10/mo 点击直达
2core 2G 2TB 100Mbps/unlimited/1个 $48/ye 点击直达
2core 3G 3TB 100Mbps/unlimited/1个 $10/mo 点击直达
4core 6G 4TB 100Mbps/unlimited/1个 $11.11/mo 点击直达
4core 8G 8TB 100Mbps/unlimited/1个 $20/mo 点击直达



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