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TMTHosting Seattle 20G DDOS VPS site 20% off from $3/month (CNservers DDOS/SpartanHost same room)

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TMTHosting is a foreign merchant established in 2018. It is mainly engaged in the lease of VPS servers for the Seattle high-defense line in the United States. It is characterized by the same line as the SpartanHost Seattle computer room server and adopts the high-defense line of CNservers. Telecom 163 direct connection, Unicom direct connection, and mobile Direct connection, real defense, suitable for users with high defense VPS needs in West America, especially the current SpartanHost Seattle computer room VPS is hard to find, so those who are interested can consider choosing TMTHosting. TMTHosting currently supports PayPal and Alipay, and the entry barrier is relatively relatively. It is relatively low, and there is a lifetime 20% discount on the whole audience, and the price/performance ratio is still there.

1. The latest coupon code of TMTHosting 2021

  • 20% permanent discount on the whole site. Coupon code: VPS20OFF


TMTHosting Seattle High Defense VPS is currently divided into three hard drives: HDD, SSD, and NVME. According to the difference of CPU frequency, it is divided into two series, E5 and E3. You can choose according to business computing needs and price requirements.

2. Seattle High Defense HDD VPS (3.0GHz+)

The main feature of this series is high performance-price ratio. Relatively speaking, the price is the cheapest. The performance is a little bit worse than other products. The CPU frequency is 3.0GHz+!

CPU core
RAM HDD IPv4/peak bandwidth/traffic Price (original price) ORDER
1 256M 25G 1个(20G DDoS)/1Gbps/1TB $3.95/mo ORDER
1 512M 50G 1个(20G DDoS)/1Gbps/2TB $4.45/mo ORDER
2 1G 75G 1个(20G DDoS)/1Gbps/2.5TB $6.45/mo ORDER
2 2G 115G 1个(20G DDoS)/1Gbps/3TB $12.90/mo ORDER
3 3G 150G 1个(20G DDoS)/1Gbps/3.5TB $19.35/mo ORDER
4 4G 185G 1个(20G DDoS)/1Gbps/3.5TB $25.80/mo ORDER
5 6G 235G 1个(20G DDoS)/1Gbps/4TB $38.70/mo ORDER
5 8G 265G 1个(20G DDoS)/1Gbps/5TB $51.60/mo ORDER


3. Seattle High Defense SSD VPS (3.0GHz+)

Compared with HDD VPS (3.0GHz+) products, this series of products have a slight advantage in hard disk read and write!

CPU core
RAM SSD IPv4/peak bandwidth/traffic Price (original price) ORDER
1 512M 14G 1个(20G DDoS)/1Gbps/1TB $4.45/mo ORDER
2 1G 20G 1个(20G DDoS)/1Gbps/2TB $8.45/mo ORDER
3 2G 30G 1个(20G DDoS)/1Gbps/3TB $14.95/mo ORDER
6 3G 65G 1个(20G DDoS)/1Gbps/4TB $23.95/mo ORDER
8 4G 120G 1个(20G DDoS)/1Gbps/5TB $29.95/mo ORDER


The Seattle VPS of the two E3 high-frequency processor series listed below are currently the main products of TMTHosting, and the performance is relatively best. At present, TMTHosting has discounts by default, which means that in addition to the default discounts, a lifetime 20% discount can be added. It is recommended to give priority to the following products.

4. Seattle High Defense E3 HDD VPS (3.4GHz+)

The following products are mainly HDD hard drives, CPU clocked at 3.4GHz+! The standard original price is the current TMTHosting default discounted price, and you can also use the lifetime 20% discount code to enjoy the discount.

CPU core
RAM HDD IPv4/peak bandwidth/traffic Price (original price) ORDER
1 512M 25G 1个(20G DDoS)/1Gbps/1.5TB $4.17/mo ORDER
2 1G 50G 1个(20G DDoS)/1Gbps/2TB $6.27/mo ORDER
3 2G 100G 1个(20G DDoS)/1Gbps/3TB $13.97/mo ORDER
3 4G 200G 1个(20G DDoS)/1Gbps/5.5TB $27.27/mo ORDER
4 8G 250G 1个(20G DDoS)/1Gbps/4TB $52.47/mo ORDER


5. Seattle High Defense E3 NVME VPS (3.5GHz+)

The following products are the best solutions among TMTHosting Seattle High Defense VPS, and the current prices are quite good.

CPU core
RAM NVME SSD IPv4/peak bandwidth/traffic Price (original price) ORDER
1 512M 12G 1个(20G DDoS)/1Gbps/2TB $4.52/mo ORDER
2 1G 25G 1个(20G DDoS)/1Gbps/2TB $6.79/mo ORDER
2 2G 50G 1个(20G DDoS)/1Gbps/3TB $17.47/mo ORDER
4 4G 100G 1个(20G DDoS)/1Gbps/4TB $34.27/mo ORDER
4 8G 200G 1个(20G DDoS)/1Gbps/6TB $55.79/mo ORDER

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