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Hostodo US West Las Vegas vps special offer from $15/year (NVMe hard drive/free DirectAdmin license)

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Hostodo is a U.S. company established in 2014. It supports Alipay and PayPal. It is mainly engaged in the VPS rental of NVMe hard drives in Las Vegas and Miami data centers along the western coast of the United States. They are all based on KVM architecture and feature free DirectAdmin standards. License authorization, all packages can be collected by submitting a work order after purchasing. At present, Hostodo has promotional activities for the Las Vegas vps server. The geographical location merchants are more suitable for Asia-Pacific and European and American business. Because of the gift of DirectAdmin authorization, it is suitable for website building business. The minimum configuration promotion price is $14.99 per year for 1 core 512M memory, and only $19.99 per year for 1 core 1G memory configuration! All are 1Gbps large bandwidth access, with abundant monthly traffic.

The following are promotional packages and discount codes. If it is for long-term stable site construction, it is recommended to choose a 2-core 2G memory configuration or above packages!

  • Las Vegas computer room test IP:, http://lv.hostodo.com/1GB.test
CPU RAM NVMe IPv4//port/Bandwidth Promo Code price ORDER
1CORES 512M 8G 1个IP/1Gbps/3TB LETNVME512 $14.99/ye ORDER
1CORES 1G 12G 1个IP/1Gbps/4TB LETNVME1024 $19.99/ye ORDER
2CORES 2G 20G 1个IP/1Gbps/5TB LETNVME2048 $29.99/ye ORDER
2CORES 3G 30G 1个IP/1Gbps/5TB LETNVME3072 $39.99/ye ORDER
2CORES 4G 40G 1个IP/1Gbps/6TB LETNVME4096MONTHLY $6.99/mo ORDER



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