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dmit U.S. return trip CN2 outbound DDoS vps 15% off for life from $113/year (5Tbps DDoS/return CN2 GIA)

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DMIT is an American merchant established in 2017. Since its establishment, it has supported Alipay, PayPal and other methods of purchase, and provided Chinese customer service support! At present, the main one is the KVM architecture VPS of the CN2 GIA line in Los Angeles, USA. It is characterized by high-defense services provided by CloudFlare Magic transit on the outbound journey, free 5Tbps+ DDoS Protection Always-On protection, and CN2 GIA optimized line on the return journey! DMIT American VPS products have good stability and good bandwidth quality, which are relatively suitable for the needs of high defense construction sites. Recently, DMIT has given a lifetime discount of 15% off for the PVM.LAX.sPro.CREATOR package. The minimum 2-core 2G memory configuration is discounted at $113/year. If the configuration is not enough, you can freely increase it to an 8-core 10G memory 400G hard drive! The default bandwidth is 100Mbps, and you can upgrade to 200Mbps for $3/month!

  • SPro Test IP, Los Angeles, USA: 45.88.194.XXX
  • CPU: 2 cores-8 cores
  • Memory: 2GB-10GB
  • Hard Disk: 20GB SSD-420GB SSD
  • Bandwidth: 100Mbps-200Mbps
  • Flow: 1000GB-20000GB
  • IPv4: 1
  • Defense: 5Tbps+ DDoS defense
  • Coupon code: Go-Build-A-Site (15% discount on available recurring annual payment)
  • Annual payment: from $113 (after discount)
  • Link: Click to go directly

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Article:《dmit U.S. return trip CN2 outbound DDoS vps 15% off for life from $113/year (5Tbps DDoS/return CN2 GIA)》