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HostSolutions Romania 3.6T large hard drive VPS $84/year (ignoring DMCA/NVME)

HostSolutions is a server and virtual server merchant from Romania. HostSolutions is mainly engaged in the rental of server products in the Romanian data center. Its characteristics ignore the US DMCA copyright complaints! The disadvantage is that the work order response is relatively slow. If you can accept that there is no work order support, you are considering options. HostSolutions sent a special KVM VPS for the NVME+HDD large storage hard disk in the Bucharest computer room in Romania, 2 cores 2G memory, 50GB NVME hard disk + 3.6TB HDD storage disk, all raid10 arrays, the default is 10Gbps high bandwidth access ( Abuse of bandwidth will be limited to 1Gbps), monthly traffic limit is 10TB, suitable for storage, backup, and website building related services, the price is $84/year! In addition, it is reminded that this special product is pre-sale, and the opening time is 7 days a week for delivery. After opening, refunds within 5 days are supported. Support Alipay, PayPal and other methods.

Note that the 3.6TB HDD raid10 storage disk needs to be mounted by yourself. You must go to the client area and install the 3.6TB second disk. By default, only 50GB NVME will be seen.

  • CPU: 2 cores (E5-2680v4, 2.4GHz-3.3GHz)
  • Memory: 2GB DDR4
  • Hard disk: 50GB NVME raid10 system + 3.6TB HDD raid10 storage disk
  • Bandwidth: 1Gbps
  • Flow: 10TB/month
  • IPv4: 1
  • Price: 76 Euros/month ($84/month)
  • Link: Click to go directly

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Article:《HostSolutions Romania 3.6T large hard drive VPS $84/year (ignoring DMCA/NVME)》