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How to use IP detection tools commonly used by several webmasters

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When we choose a virtual host or server, whether it is the test IP address provided by the merchant before the selection, or the IP address after the purchase, we will definitely need to test the IP detection tool that we think is appropriate. Some of us need to test the location of the server’s IP address, and some need to test the speed of the IP address and the routing and return. We also test the stability of the server IP address.

In this article, Lao Jiang is going to simply share and organize several commonly used IP detection tools for our webmasters, including our server IP address delay speed, and some are IP address backhaul and point-to-point testing, including our attribution Local testing, these are also needed in our actual applications, one is what our project needs, and the other is a necessary process for server stability testing.

1. Multi-node IP delay speed test

We often use PING speed to test the PING speed of an IP address to see how the current IP address is delayed in various regions.

Tool 1: http://ping.chinaz.com/
Tool 2: https://tools.ipip.net/newping.php
Tool 3: http://www.webkaka.com/Ping.aspx

We can choose one of the tools for testing.


2. Server outbound routing test

Server outbound routing test we used to test through local tools, but we can only test the outbound journey from our local to the server, or use MTR tools, but if you use the online node point-to-point test, you can test including Nodes outside our local area, such as China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom, each select several nodes for testing.



3. Server attribution test

Sometimes we need to test the IP address of the server. For most websites, we only need to select the server with the speed we need. However, some projects require an actual IP address, otherwise it is really not easy to use.


Here we can see the physical address and merchant of the server. But some of the servers we see are Japanese servers, but the physical addresses may be in other regions. The main problem is that the IP of this server is broadcast, and the system’s IP address database has not changed the database. If you mind, Then you can’t choose, but in fact, there is no problem with building a website. We mainly look at the speed of building a website, which has nothing to do with where it belongs.


4. Server IP port detection

Sometimes I do see some netizens’ websites and servers fail, which is caused by port problems. Some of the server port problems are caused by accidents or man-made reasons. For example, I encountered a netizen’s server where port 443 was not opened, which made SSL unavailable.



In short, we still have a lot of tools for server or host IP address detection, the above may be our commonly used tools, if you need to remember to save these tools.


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