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BudgetVM Japan dedicated server from $88.88/month (1800Gbps DDoS/1Gbps unlimited)

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BudgetVM is an old business founded in 2005, under the brand of American company Dash Networks Inc. BudgetVM business is the main cloud server and independent server, providing Chinese official website and Chinese customer service, and supporting Chinese work orders! Among them, independent server products are available in four computer rooms: Japan, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, and Dallas. The feature is to support the free configuration of hardware resources, bandwidth, and network lines, and there is a Los Angeles computer room that has CN2 lines to choose from.

In this article, I highlight the BudgetVM standalone server product in Tokyo, Japan. It starts at a minimum of $88.88/month. The advantage is 1Gbps large bandwidth and unlimited monthly traffic. By default, 1800Gbps DDoS defense is provided for free, and Windows system is also provided! If there is a demand for East Japan servers, especially high-defense lines, large bandwidth and unlimited traffic, the BudgetVM Japan server may be a good choice!

The following is a list of BudgetVM Japanese independent server packages. The selection process is to click on the direct link below. After reaching BudgetVM, click “Dedicated Servers” in the navigation bar to select. 480G SSD hard drive package can choose to change the hard drive to 2TB SATA!

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CPU Memory Hard Disk DDoS defense Price (month) Link
E3-1231v3 16G 2TB SATA 1800Gbps $88.88 Click to go directly
E-2176G 16G 480GB SSD 1800Gbps $158.88 Click to go directly
Bronze 3104 16G 480GB SSD 1800Gbps $246.88 Click to go directly
Silver 4210 16G 480GB SSD 1800Gbps $306.88 Click to go directly
Gold 5122 16G 480GB SSD 1800Gbps $498.88 Click to go directly
Gold 5120 16G 480GB SSD 1800Gbps $594.88 Click to go directly
Gold 6148 16G 480GB SSD 1800Gbps $1158.88 Click to go directly

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Article:《BudgetVM Japan dedicated server from $88.88/month (1800Gbps DDoS/1Gbps unlimited)》