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What is the meaning of server line BGP (the advantages and disadvantages of BGP line are sorted out)

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You can see in the server that some lines are traditional telecommunications or mobile-optimized lines, and some of them are directly labeled as BGP lines. For this, some friends will definitely have questions about what BGP means? Because we generally rarely notice this problem when we routinely select servers or cloud servers. Of course, some hosting companies have logos.

So today, just take advantage of the last day of rest, to sort out the concept of BGP in the route. Conceptually, BGP (Border Gateway Protocol), the Border Gateway Protocol, is mainly a routing protocol used to connect independent systems on the network. BGP is mainly used for interconnection between Internet autonomous systems. Among them, we need to know that the main function of BGP is to control the propagation of routes and select the best route. That is, the optimal routing line will be selected during transmission.

1. General understanding
In fact, if you study the concept, it is really difficult to understand, but here Lao Jiang directly uses a popular understanding. The BGP line is definitely better than the general line, because it can automatically select the best routing line during transmission. For example, our users choose the best line to visit when visiting to improve the stability and speed of the visit.

2. BGP advantages
What we have seen above is that BGP definitely has its advantages. Generally, BGP is more expensive. Let’s see what are the advantages?
A、The same server we purchased is an independent IP address, but the optimal path will be selected on the premise of not occupying any resources on the network according to technical indicators to achieve the best speed of one-way IP.
B、BGP protocol has a relatively strong extended function, which can be interconnected with IDC and other operators, and can realize a single IP address to achieve the best access speed for all Internet operators.

From the comparison I have seen, BGP has some advantages over traditional two-way IP, but the price will be more expensive than normal. Of course, we will actually experience it when we use it. Conceptually, BGP has some advantages,


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