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Linode cloud server new users register to get $100 (Linode 2021 latest coupon code)

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Linode is a cloud computing service provider from the United States. It was founded in 2003 and has a history of 17 years. Currently, it is mainly engaged in the leasing of cloud servers in 11 computer rooms in North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. The cloud server products include shared CPU and exclusive use. You can choose from four types: CPU, large memory, and GPU, starting from $5/month! In terms of computer room, North America includes Fremont (Coast of Western California), Dallas, Atlanta, New York, Toronto, Canada, London, London, Frankfurt, Germany, and Singapore, Tokyo, Japan, Mumbai, and Sydney, Australia in the Asia-Pacific region! The biggest feature of Linode cloud server is stable service, high online rate, network and performance are guaranteed. The disadvantage is that all computer rooms are not particularly friendly to direct connections to mainland China. Among the existing computer rooms, Tokyo, Japan and Fremont, the United States are relatively better! Therefore, Linode cloud server is suitable for overseas business, overseas website construction, foreign trade and so on.

Linode cloud server’s current biggest discount activity in 2021 is “new user registration and get $100”, the credit is valid for 60 days, users can consume any product of Linode cloud server within 60 days! The registration threshold is that you must use a credit card to recharge authentication for the first time. The minimum recharge amount is $5. After the first credit card authentication, PayPal is supported. Currently, Alipay is not supported! Therefore, Linode registration also has a certain threshold, suitable for users who pursue stability! At present, if you don’t have a credit card, you can consider using the global payment MasterCard virtual credit card to complete the first flush authentication. For the collection of the global payment MasterCard virtual credit card, you can go to the search engine to find it!

1, Linode 2021 latest coupon code

Regarding the Linode account registration tutorial, how Linode prevents random deductions, an introduction to all Linode cloud server packages, If you don’t know Linode, you can read the following first, especially before registering, otherwise Less than $100!
a. Linode currently does not have Chinese official website support, so I suggest you visit Linode to use Google Chrome, because Google Chrome supports simultaneous translation of foreign language pages, and the accuracy of translation is very high, so the threshold for language barriers can be browsed through Google Chrome To solve the problem.
b. How to use Linode registration discount code. When registering an account with Linode, the first step is to fill in the registered email address, user name and password. The registered email address is very important because the detailed registration information must be filled in by the designated address sent by the authentication email received by the mailbox. When filling in the registration information, pay special attention to the following information.

  • Referral Code (Optional) please fill in: c1e6b46d9860e6b3c3a560fc37d4351d82fd128d,
  • Promotion Code (Optional) Please fill in the promotion code mentioned above!
  • If you fill in the above two items incorrectly, you will not get the reward.

c. How does Linode prevent credit card charges from being charged indiscriminately? Because after the credit card is bound to Linode, the payment is authorized. If we use improperly and cause a high consumption bill, and the recharged balance is insufficient, it may be directly deducted from the credit card after the bill date. This is very insecure, so once we After completing the authentication, it is recommended that you immediately modify the real and valid credit card bound to you.

2. Linode cloud server package and price introduction (shared CPU cloud server)

The default downlink bandwidth is 40 Gbps,Default 1 core IPv4!

Memory CPU SSD Traffic Upstream bandwidth Price
1 GB 1 Core 25GB 1 TB 1000Mbps $5 /mo
2 GB 1 Core 50GB 2 TB 2000Mbps $10/mo
4 GB 2 Cores 80GB 4 TB 4000Mbps $20/mo
8 GB 4 Cores 160GB 5 TB 5000Mbps $40/mo
16 GB 6 Cores 320GB 8 TB 6000Mbps $80/mo
32 GB 8 Cores 640GB 16 TB 7000Mbps $160/mo
64 GB 16 Cores 1280GB 20 TB 9000Mbps $320/mo
96 GB 20 Cores 1920GB 20 TB 10000Mbps $480/mo
128 GB 24 Cores 2560GB 20 TB 11000Mbps $640/mo
192 GB 32 Cores 3840GB 20 TB 12000Mbps $960/mo


3. Linode exclusive CPU cloud server configuration and pricing

Dedicated CPU Plans have obvious characteristics. The main focus is on CPU computing performance, which is suitable for businesses that require relatively high computing intensity. The default downlink bandwidth is 40 Gbps,Default 1 core IPv4!

Memory CPU SSD Traffic Upstream bandwidth Price
4 GB 2 Cores 80GB 4 TB 4000Mbps $30/mo
8 GB 4 Cores 160GB 5 TB 5000Mbps $60/mo
16 GB 8 Cores 320GB 6 TB 6000Mbps $120/mo
32 GB 16 Cores 640GB 7 TB 7000Mbps $240/mo
64 GB 32 Cores 1280GB 8 TB 8000Mbps $480/mo
96 GB 48 Cores 1920GB 9 TB 9000Mbps $720/mo
128 GB 50 Cores 2500GB 10 TB 10000Mbps $960/mo
256 GB 56 Cores 5000GB 11 TB 11000Mbps $1920/mo
512 GB 64 Cores 7200GB 12 TB 12000Mbps $3840/mo

4. Linode high memory cloud server configuration and pricing

High Memory Plans are large-memory cloud server products, suitable for businesses with large memory requirements, starting with 24G memory at least! The default downlink bandwidth is 40 Gbps,Default 1 core IPv4!

Memory CPU SSD Traffic Upstream bandwidth Price
24 GB 1 Core 20GB 5 TB 5000Mbps $60/mo
48 GB 2 Cores 40GB 6 TB 6000Mbps $120/mo
90 GB 4 Cores 90GB 7 TB 7000Mbps $240/mo
150 GB 8 Cores 200GB 8 TB 8000Mbps $480/mo
300 GB 16 Cores 340GB 9 TB 9000Mbps $960/mo


5. Linode GPU cloud server configuration and pricing

GPU Cloud Server (GPU Plans) is Linode’s most expensive cloud server product, equipped with RTX 6000 GPUs, suitable for graphics processing, video processing and game-related businesses that require GPU! The default downlink bandwidth is 40 Gbps,Default 1 core IPv4!

Memory CPU SSD GPU card Traffic Upstream bandwidth Price
32 GB 8 Cores 640GB 1 16 TB 10Gbps $1000/mo
64 GB 16 Cores 1280GB 2 20 TB 10Gbps $2000/mo
96 GB 20 Cores 1920GB 3 20 TB 10Gbps $3000/mo
128 GB 24 Cores 2560GB 4 20 TB 10Gbps $4000/mo

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