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DMIT Los Angeles 2Gbps VPS $6.9/month (cost-effective and large bandwidth)

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DMIT is a merchant founded in 2017. It is an American merchant with a good reputation and stable server. It is mainly engaged in cloud server leasing in Los Angeles and Hong Kong. The feature is that both computer rooms have CN2 and international bandwidth to choose from. The front host is nine In the following articles, Jiu introduced DMIT Hong Kong CN2, Hong Kong International Large Bandwidth, US CN2, US CN2 high-defense four-line cloud server, and currently only DMIT Los Angeles 2Gbps international large-bandwidth cloud server has not been introduced. Here is a key point to talk about DMIT Los Angeles 2Gbps international large bandwidth cloud server! It belongs to the Los Angeles cloud server with high cost performance and large bandwidth, starting at only $6.9/month!

DMIT Los Angeles International Large Bandwidth Cloud Server focuses on large bandwidth ports, starting at 1Gbps, basically 2Gbps bandwidth port cloud servers, without China’s optimized network, only suitable for direct access to North America and the Asia-Pacific region! The price is cheaper than CN2 optimized line, starting from $6.9/month!

CPU Memory SSD Bandwidth Traffic IPv4 Original price (month) link
1 core 0.75G 10G 1Gbps 2000G 1 $6.9 Click Direct
1 core 1.5G 20G 2Gbps 4000G 1 $10.9 Click Direct
2 cores 2G 40G 2Gbps 6000G 1 $16.9 Click Direct
2 cores 4G 40G 2Gbps 8000G 1 $21.9 Click Direct
4 cores 4G 60G 2Gbps 12000G 1 $32.9 Click Direct
4 cores 8G 100G
2Gbps 22000G 1 $49.9 Click Direct

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