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PulseHeberg France Unlimited Data Cloud Server VPS from €24/year (200Mbps unlimited data)

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PulseHeberg is a veteran business founded in 2012. The company is registered in France. It is mainly engaged in virtual server leasing of French computer rooms. It is characterized by unlimited monthly traffic! In April 2021, PulseHeberg will offer a special Easter weekend special event, and the French 100Mbps cloud server with unlimited monthly data will start at €24/year! There are four options of 2-core 2G, 4-core 4G, 8-core 8G, and 8-core 16G! All are KVM architecture, with 100Mbps and 200Mbps bandwidth ports to choose from! Those who have French cloud servers and European business needs can pay attention!

  • Activity time: Before April 6, 2021

The following is the special package of PulseHeberg until April 6. Each user is limited to one. The promotional price is a recurring renewal discount, and the subsequent fees after expiration can enjoy the same price now! In addition, all promotional packages do not support configuration upgrades!

  • Testing IP in Paris, France:
CPU Memory hard disk Peak bandwidth Price after discount Link
2 cores 2G 30G 100Mbps €24/month Click Direct
4 cores 4G 40G 100Mbps €36/month Click Direct
8 cores 8G 60G 200Mbps €54/month Click Direct
8 cores 16G 60G 200Mbps €90/month Click to go directly

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