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RAKsmart Japan 258 IP SEO dedicated server $224/month (optional for international BGP, China optimization and China boutique network)

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RAKsmart is a merchant specializing in physical servers and server hosting. Its computer rooms include San Jose, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, etc., all of which focus on large bandwidth and unlimited traffic, suitable for various high-load businesses! Among them, Hong Kong and Japan server products are the more advantageous for the Asia-Pacific region. RAKsmart launched Hong Kong and Japan multi-IP site group server promotions in April 2021, but because the Hong Kong site group server is relatively more expensive In order to be a bit more expensive and resources are relatively scarce compared to other data centers, the site cluster server of the Japanese data center is also a good choice.

1. RAKsmart Japan SEO site group server (Japan multi-IP physical server)

Recently RAKsmart has promotional activities for multi-IP site group servers in Japan, E5-2630L, 16G memory, 1T HDD, 5+253 IP, 50M mainland optimization, unlimited traffic, only $225/month! The original price of this package is $378/month. At present, the discount is $150/month, which is equivalent to a 40% discount, and the renewal fee will not change when the price expires. It is a recurring renewal discount, which is a relatively cost-effective Japanese multi-IP server. product! If there are multiple IP servers, site group servers, and SEO servers in the Asia-Pacific region in the near future, you can consider it! If you need a group server in the United States and Hong Kong, you can view this article: RAKsmart US, Japan, Hong Kong multi-IP SEO group server special offer from $177/month (multiple C-segment IP, single 258IP)!

  • JP E5-2630L, 16G, 1T HDD, 5+253IPs
  • CPU: E5-2630L
  • Memory: 16GB
  • Hard Disk: 1TB HDD
  • Bandwidth: 50Mbps peak (optimized line in Mainland China)
  • Traffic: Unlimited data
  • IPv4: 5+253 (4 C-segment combinations can be selected)
  • Monthly payment: $224
  • Link: click to go directly


2, RAKsmart other Japanese physical servers

RAKsmart’s regular Japanese server packages are as follows, there are three models of E3-1230, E5-2630L, and E5-2680 to choose from! In terms of routes, you can choose from three types of networks: International BGP, Continental Optimization, and Premium Network, all of which are unlimited monthly traffic! The default direct connection to the mainland is the best network, followed by the mainland optimized route, and the international BGP! The default label below is the peak bandwidth of the mainland optimized line! The default is 20Mbps on the boutique network and 100Mbps by default for international BGP!

Processor Memory hard disk Bandwidth IPv4 Price (month) Link
E3-1230 16G 1T HDD 50M 3 $107 Click to go directly
E5-2630L 16G 1T HDD 50M 3 $139 Click to go directly
E5-2680 16G 1T HDD 50M 3 $159 Click to go directly
E5-2630L*2 32G 1T HDD 50M 3 $169 Click to go directly
E5-2680*2 32G 1T HDD 50M 3 $249 Click to go directly


3, RAKsmart other server promotions

RAKsmart’s recent physical server promotions blog introduced more and more detailed classifications and related explanations. The last time I mentioned was RAKsmart’s April 2021 special server product. With a monthly payment of only $30, you can enjoy a 100Mbps exclusive physical server in San Jose, USA. The general website building business is more than enough! For details, please refer to RAKsmart San Jose special offer independent server $30/month, $153/half a year, $306/year)! In addition, if you are interested in other physical servers that RAKsmart currently promotes, you can check this article: RAKsmart San Jose network upgrade adds China Unicom AS4837 line (RAKsmart international BGP, mainland optimization , How to choose the four network lines of boutique network, CN2 Only)!


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