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CloudPowerall Los Angeles Unicom AS9929 VPS Cycle 20% Off $25/year (AMD Ryzen/NVMe SSD)

CloudPowerall recently launched a new KVM architecture cloud server optimized by the Los Angeles Unicom AS9929 backhaul, which is still the Los Angeles data center product of the well-known computer room Cera! All cloud servers use AMD Ryzen 9 3950X high-performance CPU and NVMe SSD solid state drives, with 80M-100M bandwidth ports to choose from! It has a good performance in terms of lines and performance, and it also offers a lifetime cycle of 8% off discounts. The annual payment package starts at $24.99, and the monthly package starts at $6.45 after enjoying a 20% discount!

CloudPowerall is a merchant from Malaysia and belongs to the brand of TY SOFTWARE ENGINNERING (CA0306018-T). It is currently mainly engaged in cloud server leasing in Hong Kong and Los Angeles, USA. It features high-quality lines. The cloud server in Hong Kong is CN2 GIA line and Los Angeles is the backhaul of the three networks. AS9929 line! And Alipay and PayPal! In addition, the previous blogger is still CloudPowerall Los Angeles Cera computer room VPS$25/year (three nets CN2 GIA) The article introduced CloudPowerall’s Hong Kong cloud server and Los Angeles Cera computer room three-network backhaul CN2 GIA cloud server. Those who are interested can pay attention.

The annual payment package defaults to 80Mbps bandwidth, and the monthly payment package all defaults to 100Mbps bandwidth!

  • 10% off lifetime renewal coupon code: CloudPowerall16 (except for annual payment packages)
  • Test IP: la-9929-ping.cloudpowerall.com
CPU Memory NVMe Traffic IPv4 Original price Link
1 core 512MB 20GB
500G 1 $24.99/year click to buy
1 core 1GB 20GB
1000GB 1 $39.99/year click to buy
2 cores 2GB 40GB
1000GB 1 $7.69/month click to buy
2 cores 2GB 60GB 1500GB 1 $12.99/month click to buy
4 cores 4GB 80GB
1500GB 1 $19.99/month click to buy
4 cores 8GB 80GB 2000GB 2 $39.99/month click to buy

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Article:《CloudPowerall Los Angeles Unicom AS9929 VPS Cycle 20% Off $25/year (AMD Ryzen/NVMe SSD)》