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SpinServers Dallas dual E5-2630L v2 server $89/month (10Gbps, 64G memory)

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SpinServers has released the latest news. Now it has started to support Bitcoin on the basis of supporting PayPal, Alipay and other methods! The important thing is that a physical server with dual E5-2630L v2, 64G memory and 1.6 TB SSD hard disk in the Dallas computer room was presented as a promotion. The original price is $129/month, and the current price is only $89/month! The default is 10Gbps shared peak bandwidth, 1 IPv4, monthly traffic 10T! I feel that it is not enough. During the ordering process, the IP and monthly traffic can be configured according to your needs!

SpinServers operating company is an old merchant engaged in server hardware resources, which can be traced back to 1998! SpinServers’ current independent server business mainly consists of two computer rooms in San Jose, USA and Dallas, USA, which are characterized by high configuration and low price (because SpinServers itself does hardware)!

  • CPU: 2 * E5-2630L v2
  • Memory: 64G DDR3
  • Hard Disk: 1.6 TB SSD
  • Bandwidth: 10Gbps (upgradeable)
  • Flow rate: 10T/month (upgradeable)
  • IPv4: 1 (upgradable to 10)
  • Promotion code: DUALE5FOR89
  • Price: US$129/month US$89/month
  • Link: Click to go directly

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